About Us

Seams Sew RightEven in my early years I was at the sewing machine, making clothes for my dolls. In my teens I started sewing for myself, and then for my daughters when they were young. I took great pleasure in those projects. When my mom was nearing retirement she introduced me to the joys of quilting. I'm not sure I was ready for or understood what it involved, but after a visit to Houston’s International Quilt Festival and some trips to Chester, New Jersey (where mom lived at the time) to work on projects and to haunt the surrounding quilt shops, I was bitten hard by the quilting bug.

To describe my love for quilting is simple: I have a love for color, the feel of great fabric and the excitement of the next new project and or projects. I always have more than one quilt going on, much like the rest of you out there. I learned early on that shopping for fabric is not about need. It’s about want. I wanted it all in my stash. So over the past 20 years (where does the time go?) there have not been too many Houston International Quilt Festivals Mom and I have missed.

So, how did Seams So Right Quilt Studio come about?

Seams Sew RightWell….fifteen months ago, I was enjoying a margarita with a group of friends at the Firehouse Kitchen. My friend Linda wanted to show me a vacant space in the Old Firehouse Plaza, so we trooped down the stairs and into the space that was available at the time. The door was unlocked. We went inside, looked around, and Linda says “Wouldn't this space make a great quilt shop?” I said, “Sure. Are you opening one?” She laughed and said “No, YOU ARE!!!” “I am?”, I asked in bewilderment. It seemed like a joke at the time.

Two weeks later I gave my employer notice and signed the lease. I went to market in November and in December opened Seams Sew Right Quilt Studio—it came together ‘sew seamlessly’, that it named itself. Of course I had wonderful friends and family helping me get things done. I also had my two guardian angels—my oldest daughter Tania, and my husband, Joe. I know for certain that wherever they are, they're sitting there together cheering me on.

Lastly, I'm a native Arizonan and the love of this beautiful state and the town of Prescott makes this the place I want to spend the rest of my life. Being surrounded by the talented people here, coming to work every morning to vibrant color and the best staff anywhere makes me want to pinch myself.

Having a quilt shop was not a dream of mine, but now I can't imagine my life without Seams Sew Right Quilt Studio. There is nothing like our quilting community! Thank you for welcoming us with open arms.

Seams Sew Right

Yours, with love,
Maylee Collins


Right - Me, Owner of Seams Sew Right
Left - My mom Carol and friend Linda
Bottom - Me, Julie and Charlyene